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Meet TSG Managing Director, Dick Greco (Video)

At TSG Wealth Management we’re proud of our culture and the team that has created it. Meet TSG is a celebration of the many wonderful people at TSG Wealth Management. We hope that with each installment you’ll gain greater insight and appreciation for the people behind what makes TSG unique and special.

In this installment, Meet TSG is excited to bring you Managing Director, Dick Greco. Dick is a grounding force for TSG Irvine office as a Managing Director and Office Manager. Using his nearly 50 years of experience to help his clients, but also the young up and coming advisors within TSG. Dick often jokes that “my last check will bounce,” showcasing his love for life and the desire to use money as a tool to enjoy your life, not as an obsession.

Dick has had an incredible career spanning his military service to running a large national brokerage to his current role as a Financial Advisor. Having just celebrate Memorial Day we salute his service and remember all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. We are proud to have Dick at TSG and look forward to whatever his future holds.

Now we invite you to sit back and meet Dick Greco!

Meet Dick Greco:

For more information on Dick please visit his biography page here.