Gary Arena

Managing Director
Gara Arena | TSG Wealth Management - Roseville

Gary Vincent Arena began his journey in the financial industry as a shift from his prior career, seeking more upward growth potential and stability. Inspired by his late father’s role as a VP at Bank of America, Gary felt a deep-rooted desire to enter the financial services realm and assist individuals in achieving financial success.


As a Managing Director at TSG Wealth Management – Roseville, Gary finds fulfillment in helping clients realize their dreams and retire comfortably, tailoring financial strategies to meet their unique needs and aspirations. His unwavering commitment to his clients serves as a driving force, ensuring that he is always available to offer guidance and support.


The supportive culture at TSG resonates deeply with Gary, providing him with the resources and encouragement needed to thrive in his role. Born in San Jose in 1961, Gary has called various parts of California home, including San Diego and Auburn since 1992.


Outside of his professional endeavors, Gary indulges in his passion for restoring vintage cars and motorcycles, finding solace in pick-up basketball, and spending quality time with his wife Cheryl at their Lake Almanor home. Married since 1986, Gary and Cheryl are proud parents to Jeff and Megan. Megan is married to their wonderful son-in-law, Joey.


Gary also loves to travel with Italy holding a special place in his heart, as his family roots trace back to Conversano and Sicily. In his downtime he is an avid sports enthusiast, Gary cheers passionately for the Sacramento Kings, San Francisco Giants, and 49ers.


Volunteering has always been a way for Gary to serve his community, having coached little league and youth basketball, volunteered at local churches, Loaves and Fishes, the Tevis Cup, and Horses for Healing. He even lent his expertise to make a disabled friend’s ’68 Camaro roadworthy and safe.


Gary earned his BS in Business Administration from San Jose State University in 1984, followed by an MBA from National University in 1992. His dedication to service and partnerships has earned him various recognitions and accolades throughout his youth and career, including, the Industrial Arts award in High School and several service and partnership awards with Wells Fargo and Piper Jaffray.

You may not know this about Gary Arena…


Gary has a knack for fixing almost anything and his heightened senses have served him well. On a lighter note he had an unexpected stint as a model for a haircut competition (lol).