Sports and Entertainment Team | TSG Wealth Management
Sports and Entertainment Team | TSG Wealth Management

Wealth Management For Sports and Entertainment Professionals

The TSG Sports and Entertainment Team is committed to helping advise and deliver solutions that meet the needs of:

Professional athletes, coaches and owners for all major sports

Actors, directors, writers and producers for film, television and theater

Musicians, songwriters and producers in all music genres

You strive to be at the top in your field. TSG Sports and Entertainment oversees many aspects of our client’s financial lives. We guide professionals through each phase of their careers and we are intimately familiar with the need for education, teamwork and execution.


Your dedication at times may not leave you the time to consider the intricate details of wealth management or how best to maintain your wealth throughout your life and for generations to come. Your unique set of individualized needs is where TSG Wealth Management comes in to support you. Our Entertainment and Athlete Wealth Management program helps to provide investment planning for athletes and entertainment professionals.

 Entertainment and Athlete Wealth Management – The 4 A’s

At TSG Wealth Management we strive to…


that athletes, performers, creators and directors have individual financial profiles and needs.


and ensure you understand the importance of a personalized financial strategy.


our team and resources to create the individualized financial road map that works for you.


your financial goals and preserve the longevity of your hard work with your investment plan.

 Meet The Sports and Entertainment Team

Brock Wilson | TSG Wealth Management Las Vegas | Sports and Entertainment

Brock Wilson

Vice President

Joshua Turley | TSG Wealth Management Irvine

Joshua Turley, CFP®, CFA®

Managing Director

Mark Correa | TSG Wealth Management Scottsdale

Mark Correa

Managing Director

Tim Healy | TSG Wealth Management

Tim Healy

Managing Director

Tyler Chernack, CDFA | Vice President | TSG Wealth Management

Tyler Chernack, CDFA®

Vice President

Fenja Keller | TSG Wealth Management - Beverly Hills

Fenja Keller

Vice President

Blake Rivera | TSG Wealth Management

Blake Rivera

Vice President

Financial Planning for Athletes and Entertainers

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    “Financial Normalization”

    We believe that the often unpredictability of sports and entertainment careers requires a Financial Advisor who knows not only entertainment and athlete wealth management, but the varying sports and entertainment industries as well. These professions can be distinctive due in part to their varying characteristics, revenue streams and career lengths. The TSG Sports and Entertainment Team is experienced in a variety of sports and entertainment fields. Our Financial Advisors will work with you to help understand your complete financial picture and work to create a personalized financial strategy to tackle the challenges and subtleties of your career and investment plan.

    Athlete Wealth Management | Financial Planning for Athletes

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