Gavin Moeller

Gavin Moeller | Breece Private Wealth Management of TSG Wealth Management

Gavin Moeller is an Apprentice for Breece Private Wealth Management of TSG Wealth Management. He is new to the financial industry, but is extremely passionate about making a positive impact on society through finance. Gavin was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1998, but raised in Fargo, North Dakota. North Dakota taught him the value of perseverance and community. Two tenants that he carries with him still today.


Gavin discovered he had interest in finance during his freshman year of college in 2017. What started as a fascination with Bitcoin later expanded into a greater appreciation for the financial markets. Sparking his curiosity to increase his knowledge of the industry.


Gavin graduated from Minnesota State University, Moorhead with a bachelor’s degree in finance. After returning to Arizona he secured his position as an apprentice for TSG’s Breece Private Wealth Management team. He has taken advantage of the opportunity and values his coworkers’ autonomy and collective knowledge.


In his free time, Gavin likes to create and learn about new things that he thinks will have an impact into the future. He is driven by the desire to create and discover new ideas that can have a positive impact on our society and culture. Thus he is also passionate about environmental causes and helping the youth of the world. He is also a huge Star Wars fan.


Gavin has gone full circle from Phoenix, Arizona to Fargo, North Dakota, Minnesota State and now back to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Settling in to the warm desert evenings and jumpstarting his career in finance. Still though, his favorite travel destination is Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Currently, he likes to say he is “married to his work,” and his two dogs Kylo and Leia, named after the Star Wars characters. When he’s not working you might find him playing basketball, as he played college, or cheering on the hometown team at an Arizona Cardinals football game.

You may not know about Gavin Moeller…


He believes that his goal in life is to provide the greatest positive impact on society that he possibly can, and he lives by the quote, “And so do all who live to see such times but that is not for them to decide, the only thing we can decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”- Gandalf.