Luke Heynen

Registered Client Associate
Luke Heynen | Client Associate | TSG Wealth Management

In 2022, Luke Heynen made a decisive entry into the financial industry. Inspired by his father, Luke spent a single day shadowing his dad which revealed a deep passion and affinity for the intricacies of finance. This singular day changed his life and set the course for Luke’s professional journey.


Within the financial industry, Luke finds fulfillment in assisting individuals in achieving their financial goals and continuously expanding his understanding of the dynamic market. His role as a Client Associate at TSG is marked by a commitment to learning and a genuine enthusiasm for helping others navigate their financial landscapes.


TSG’s strong culture and the collective willingness to lend support resonate deeply with Luke. The sense of unity and collaboration within the team enhances the workplace, making it an environment where everyone is not just a colleague, but a supportive ally.


Luke’s motivation is rooted in the ability to reflect on the progress he’s made. The tangible impact he has on clients’ financial journeys and personal growth provides ongoing inspiration for him to expand his knowledge and career in the financial industry.


Born in 1998 in Long Beach, California, Luke’s childhood dream was to become a professional athlete. Although not his profession, sports remain a significant part of Luke’s life. He is a devoted fan of USA Rugby and the New England Patriots. However, his passion for sports extends beyond spectatorship—Luke is an active participant. Rugby, one of his favorite hobbies, has taken him across the globe, with notable games in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, England, and Scotland. His commitment to excellence is evident in his recognition as part of the 1st team all Conference and being named one of the top D1 Loose Forwards in 2022 during his collegiate rugby career.


While Long Beach has been his sole residence, Luke’s adventures extend far beyond. An avid traveler, he considers Portugal and Prague, Czech Republic, as his favorite destinations, along with the mountains for snowboarding.


Family holds a special place for Luke, and he shares his journey with an older brother. Luke holds the SIE and Series 7 licenses, actively pursuing the Series 66.

You may not know this about Luke Heynen…


Luke Heynen’s rugby adventures are not confined to U.S. soil. He has played in various European countries, and notably, in 2017, he contributed to the historical moment by being a member of the first USA rugby team to play in the Czech Republic since World War II.