Norma Andrade Casanova, AAMS®

Managing Director
Norma Andrade Casanova | TSG Wealth Management Sacramento

Norma Andrade was born in the small village of Los Granados, Michacán, Mexico.  When she was a child she wanted to be a math teacher as mathematics was her favorite academic subject. When she was eight years old, her mother once asked her to help her sister with a math lesson. She begrudgingly complied, but complained that it would cut into her own free time – that’s when Norma’s mother told her, “If you have a gift, and you don’t share it, shame on you.” Norma’s mother did this to remind her daughter of the importance of sharing her skills with others. A valuable lesson that would leave a lasting impact.


Norma and her family immigrated from Mexico to Stockton, CA with the hope of finding more opportunities and achieving a better life. Working initially as farm laborers, Norma and her family lived a paycheck-to-paycheck life. Though they saved diligently, an unexpected medical condition caused even further financially strain her family. Norma became a Financial Advisor for two reasons: to share her gifts with others and to help families like hers create a lifestyle in which they can thrive.


Norma started in the financial services industry in April of 1999 as a Wells Fargo Bank Teller, simply as a way to help cover her collegiate expenses while attending UC Davis. This introduction cemented her interest and she started her career as a Financial Advisor in Sept of 2000 with A.G. Edwards & Son. Norma realized there was and is an unmet critical need in helping the fastest-growing segment of the US Population: Latinos. She thought, “If Latinos are the fastest-segment of the US population, and the US is the largest economy in the world, Latinos need an advocate to help them take a seat at the investment planning table.”


Norma knew it was the right thing to do and her success meant she would have a direct impact towards helping families, like hers, grow, be more successful with money and give them more choices financially. By helping her fellow Lations with her resources, expertise, and support she could try to show them a path away from the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. Today, these families trust her to serve as their collaborator in investment planning, and in turn, she empowers them to use their money to create a fulfilling and happy life.


Norma specializes in asset management, estate planning strategies, and retirement planning, with families and corporate executives whose needs are often very specific and complex. She is passionate about helping people be in a position of choice in lifestyle by inviting them to take a seat at the investment-planning table and encouraging them to collaborate with them in building, protecting, preserving, and transitioning their wealth based on their vision.


After 21+ years in the financial industry, she is excited to join TSG Wealth Management; a family of financial professionals who continue to provide their expertise, resources and support in helping families build, protect, preserve and transition wealth one family at a time.


Norma lives in California, with her husband, Jorge, a healthcare professional, and their daughter, Sofia, who is an aspiring Olympic Swimmer in the breaststroke. If not with her family or working you might find her volunteering with The American Heart Association and the American Brain Foundation, after a life threatening experience with cardiac disease in 2014, Norma committed herself to making a difference in the nonprofit community as well. With the free time she has left Norma loves running, dancing with her family and coaching those around her to reach their God-given full potential.


CA Insurance License #0D21628

You may not know this about Norma Andrade Casanova…


Norma went from being a field worker in the farms picking crops to becoming a financial professional who was honored to interview celebrity chef, Chef Jose Andres of World Kitchen during Wells Fargo Advisors’ first every Latino Summit held in 2021.