New TSG Wealth Management CEO, Brian Borst

New CEO, Brian Borst, Plans To Take TSG Wealth Management To New Heights

LONG BEACH, CA – TSG Wealth Management has hired Brian Borst to be the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Hiring Borst is the next step in solidifying TSG’s position as one of the best wealth management practices in the country. Borst has worked with TSG Wealth Management in the past when he was running the Long Beach branch of Wells Fargo Advisors.

“I’m thrilled to be taking on the challenge of joining TSG as its’ new CEO,” said Borst. “They have built a great organization with an amazing team of people. I can’t wait to support my team, bring in innovative ideas and help our practice soar to new heights for our team and our clients.”

Borst, who was previously the Branch Manager/Managing Director of the Wells Fargo Advisors office in San Francisco, has recruited and helped over 40 advisors successfully transition and expand their practices. He transformed the San Francisco office into one of the largest Wells Fargo Advisors offices in the country all while maintaining high levels of service.

At TSG we are continually looking for qualified advisors to expand our services and reach to clients. Borst’s previous experience will help TSG recruit financial advisors who fit with our clients first culture and are looking for independence in a simplified form.

“To continue our growth we knew we needed a seasoned leader to help get us to that next level,” says TSG Managing Partner, Mark Schulten. “In all of our dealings with Brian, we saw someone who was efficient, effective and embodied the culture we strive to create at TSG.”

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A Storied History

Borst joins TSG Wealth Management after a storied history dating back over 50 years. Beginning with Warren Schulten in 1965, TSG has grown to an over 50 person team spread across six locations. After teaming up with his son, Mark Schulten in 1992 and adding Allen Schreiber in 1998, TSG has been on a growth trajectory that expects to continue with the addition of Borst.

“At TSG Wealth Management we pride ourselves on striving to provide the best level of service in the business,” said TSG Partner, Allen Schreiber. “Brian understands our clients first approach. He knows what it takes to deliver on expectations while expanding the business. We’re thrilled to have him on board and look forward to continued growth and success with his help.”

Part of Borst’s success can be attributed to his time in the United States Marine Corps. Learning how to evaluate and adjust, while maintaining the organizational structure of the military unit is an important skill on the battlefield, but it is also priceless in business. This background of discipline and execution helps ensure Borst will get the job done and at a very high level. His past military and business experience is proof of his ability. TSG Wealth Management is primed and ready for his expertise.

We are honored to have Brian Borst join our leadership team as our new CEO and we look forward to future success for our clients and our team moving forward.

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