Cyn Verona Named Employee of the Quarter, Chooses to Support Shriner’s Hospital for Children

Cyn Verona Named Employee of the Quarter, Chooses to Support Shriner’s Hospital for Children

TSG Wealth Management proudly announces Cyn Verona as the latest recipient of the Employee of the Quarter accolade, acknowledging her outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment within just one quarter of joining the team. Cyn, whose dedication and positivity shine brightly, has quickly become an integral part of the TSG family, embodying the core values of excellence and service.

“I’m absolutely honored to be TSG Employee of the Quarter, especially since I have only been here for one quarter! I’m dedicated to working hard and maintaining positivity, and being recognized for my work is huge,” expressed Cyn Verona.

As part of her award, Cyn has also earned the right to choose one charity she would like to support with a donation through the TSG Gives program. In a testament to her compassionate spirit and commitment to making a difference, Cyn has chosen Shriner’s Hospital for Children (SHFC) as the beneficiary of the charitable donation accompanying her award. Shriner’s Hospital for Children “provides vital, pioneering treatment from birth to age 18. (At SHFC) children have the opportunity to be evaluated and treated by doctors recognized as the best by their peers.”*

“I chose Shriner’s Hospital for Children(SHFC) first because the Sacramento facility is less than a mile from my house so I drive past it often. And second, because I love their heartfelt commercials,” explained Cyn. “Years ago, Brian Borst and I talked about winning the lottery and what we would do with the money. After I figured out that it’s not a good idea to give family money, I made a list of charities I could give to and SHFC was at the top of my list. I feel like they are dedicated to helping heal the children while making their families comfortable without the need for payment which alone adds to a stressful situation.”

Mark Schulten, Managing Partner of TSG Wealth Management, commended Cyn’s remarkable achievement, stating, “Cyn’s dedication and positivity exemplify the values we cherish at TSG Wealth Management. Her quick impact on our team and her commitment to supporting organizations like Shriner’s Hospital for Children truly set her apart.”

Shriner’s Hospital for Children holds a special place in Cyn’s heart, embodying her philanthropic vision and dedication to supporting organizations that make a tangible difference in the lives of children and their families during challenging times.

“Cyn’s recognition as Employee of the Quarter is a testament to her hard work and dedication,” said Allen Schreiber, Partner. “We are thrilled to have her as part of our team and we’re impressed by the speed of which she has made an impact.”

The Employee of the Quarter award not only celebrates Cyn’s exceptional performance, but also highlights the philanthropic spirit and dedication that define the TSG team. TSG Wealth Management extends heartfelt congratulations to Cyn Verona and looks forward to her continued success and positive impact within the organization and the community.

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