Scott Coffeen Joins TSG As The RenoTahoe Managing Director

Scott Coffeen Joins TSG Wealth Management RenoTahoe

Scott Coffeen Joins TSG As The RenoTahoe Managing Director

TSG Wealth Management is excited to announce that Scott Coffeen has joined the team in an effort to grow TSG Wealth Management’s reach and ability to satisfy our clients across the Western region.

Scott has undergone some big changes over the last year, including moving to Reno and now joining the TSG team. Not too long ago Scott was engaged in estate planning with his relatives when he happened to meet TSG Managing Partner, Mark Schulten.

At the time Mark and TSG were considering opening an office in the RenoTahoe area and engaged Scott on the possibility of joining the group. After numerous conversations and serious considerations by both parties, it was decided that joining forces in Reno was the best path forward.

Scott notes to his clients that he doesn’t “believe you will notice any changes, other than the monthly statement, which will highlight TSG Wealth Management’s logo. Of course, what I hope changes more than anything is an improvement in services.”

We are confident that by joining forces his clients will receive top quality services with TSG. Our priority always has and will always be our clients. “You do the right thing for the client every time, it’s as simple as that,” said Founder, Warren Schulten, and we take his words to heart everyday.

To learn more about the TSG Wealth Management team please visit our about page or click here to learn about our services. To contact the RenoTahoe office please call 775-339-9802 or fill out the contact form.