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TSG Gives: Saving The Bullies

Philanthropy and making a difference in our communities is a big part of our culture at TSG Wealth Management. All of our team members are encouraged to find and support causes that have meaning to them. We are proud of our team’s involvement in the spirit of giving and are excited to announce that this month’s recipient of the TSG Gives donation is the Southern California Bulldog Rescue (SCBR).

“We recognize the importance of giving back, we encourage every team member to support the causes they are passionate about and we’re proud of our team’s involvement in the spirit of giving.,” said TSG Partner, Allen Schreiber.

It’s time to save the bullies!

No, not the bullies you may have encountered growing up, but our wonderful four legged friends, bulldogs! This month, Employee of the Month, Jaime Nyssen, Client Associate, has chosen the Southern California Bulldog Rescue, to be our TSG Gives beneficiary.

When asked why she chose the SCBR she replied, “I have selected Southern California Bulldog Rescue because of the wonderful work they do for bulldogs in need. They provide shelter, rehoming, and medical treatment to bulldogs that have been surrendered or abused by their owners. My bulldogs Jackson, CJ and Rocky have brought so much joy to my family over the years. Every Bulldog deserves to find a loving home and the Southern California Bulldog Rescue helps to make that possible.”

Southern California Bulldog Rescue provides shelter, re-homing assistance, and funds for medical treatment for over 100 bulldogs each year. Their mission is to rehabilitate and find loving families for homeless bulldogs. To accomplish this they provide the care and time needed to prepare unwanted bulldogs for placement and pledge to do their best to make sure they have a good life.*

The TSG Gives program was started as a way to enhance our team’s effort and ability to give back. So as part of TSG Gives, we’re honored to donate $500 to the Southern California Bulldog Rescue on behalf of our the Employee of the Month!

All of us at TSG Wealth Management are overjoyed to be a small part of these wonderful dogs’ lives. We love that we can support the amazing work at SCBR and we invite you to visit them at SoCalBulldogRescue.org. See for yourself all of the amazing “bullies” they’re trying to help. Who knows, you may just end up with a new loved one in your home!

TSG Gives is looking forward to giving back to more great organizations and we will continue to highlight our team’s efforts on our Philanthropy page. Check back often and see the impact that our team will have!

*Information courtesy of socalbulldogrescue.org