La Jolla Wealth Partners Joins Forces with TSG Wealth Management

La Jolla Wealth Partners Joins Forces with TSG Wealth Management

LA JOLLA, CA – TSG Wealth Management is thrilled to announce their strategic partnership with La Jolla Wealth Partners (LJWP), marking a significant step towards enhancing client services and expanding their reach within the financial advisory landscape.

La Jolla Wealth Partners, led by Managing Directors Gregg Shallan, CFP®, ChFC®, CEPA®, MBA, Sylvia Geffen, and Jamie A. Meronoff, CFP®, AAMS®, along with Senior Registered Client Associate Amanda Brown and Client Associate Justin Potyrala, is poised to bring their extensive expertise and client-focused approach to TSG Wealth Management.

“We are enthusiastic for this new chapter,” stated Gregg Shallan. “Joining forces with TSG Wealth Management presents an incredible opportunity for us to go independent while creating more opportunities and flexibility for our clients.”

Traditionally Gregg and LJWP have used a long-term, data-driven approach to help clients develop and implement strategies for building and preserving wealth. They are bringing their mission of providing objective and timely financial advice and guidance with the highest level of professional service to TSG.

Mark Schulten, Managing Partner at TSG Wealth Management, warmly welcomed the La Jolla Wealth Partners team, saying, “We are excited to welcome La Jolla Wealth Partners to the team. Their expertise and dedication to helping clients align perfectly with our mission. This partnership will allow us to serve even more clients in the San Diego area, strengthening our presence and ability to provide exceptional financial guidance.”

At TSG Wealth Management, we believe that our difference lies in our dedication to quality and our disciplined approach to wealth management and investments. We take pride in building relationships with our clients and their families first, so we can better understand their needs today and in the future. The team at La Jolla Wealth Partners aligns with this and brings a shared commitment to excellence.

Sylvia Geffen highlighted the benefits of the partnership, stating, “In partnering with TSG Wealth Management, we appreciate the professionalism and the wealth of advice and resources available to our team. This environment fosters growth and success, enabling us to better serve our clients.”

Sylvia has always been motivated by her genuine love for financial work and the rewarding relationships she has built with clients and colleagues. She and the team at LJWP continue to be inspired by assisting clients in achieving their financial goals, whether for retirement or strategies to leave a legacy for the next generation.

“Expanding TSG’s presence with a well-respected partner like La Jolla Wealth Partners, who relates to the client-first and collaborative atmosphere, is a strategic move for both of the teams and the clients,” said Allen Schreiber, Partner at TSG Wealth Management. “This move furthers the founding principle of TSG Wealth Management, to put our clients’ interests above all, with a goal to consistently exceed expectations.”

Jamie Meronoff, Managing Director at La Jolla Wealth Partners, shared his perspective on the partnership, “Teaming up with TSG Wealth Management, driven by their reputation, expertise, and legacy, provides a solid foundation for delivering exceptional service and support to our clients.”

The LJWP team delves into each client’s unique circumstances, understanding their goals and concerns intimately. With this knowledge, their depth of investment planning experience, and now and even wider variety of products and services, they can craft personalized investment plans tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and their family. Enhancing the level of service for all clients.

This method fits in perfectly as TSG Wealth Management prides itself on building lasting relationships with clients and their families, striving to better understand their needs today and in the future. TSG Wealth Management looks forward to a future of continued growth and success with our new La Jolla Wealth Partners team.

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