Meet John Szymura, TSG's First Vice President

Meet TSG First Vice President, John Szymura, CFP®

Meet TSG is proud to feature First Vice President, John Szymura, CFP®. John has been in the financial field since 2008 helping people achieve their financial goals. Before joining TSG he was a successful solo practitioner and then joined TSG “on the ground floor” as a First Vice President. Being a part of the larger team has given him greater freedom, flexibility and resources to grow and better help his clients achieve their financial goals.

After joining TSG John quickly noticed “the dedication from every single member here (TSG) to serving their clients to the best of their ability” and it’s is that client’s first drive that keeps him pushing to grow and expand with TSG.

In John’s Meet TSG video showcase you meet the man behind the suit, getting a glimpse into his personal life and professional ambition. You’ll learn more about what makes him so driven and how he ended up at TSG Wealth Management! Not only will you meet the accomplished financial advisor, but you’ll also meet the family man, the Trojan football fan and the fisherman.

“In life, it’s not about getting knocked down, it’s about what you do afterwards,” says John, “It’s easy to let challenges define and defeat you, but if you can persevere through that you have a pretty good chance in life.”

As John continues to grow and expand his wealth management career you’ll see his passion and why he is thrilled to be a part of TSG. He is a valued and dedicated member of the TSG team and we know that as a team our clients will always receive top quality service. We are proud to have John at TSG and can’t wait to see what his future holds. Now we invite you to sit back and meet TSG’s very own, John Szymura!

Meet John Szymura, CFP®:

For more information on John please visit his biography page here.

The Meet TSG video series was created to celebrate the many wonderful people at TSG Wealth Management and the culture that our TSG team has created.  We want you to get to know everyone at TSG Wealth Management because it is our people that make all the difference. We hope that with each installment you will get a better understanding and appreciation for the people behind what makes TSG unique and special.