Meet TSG Managing Director, Aaron Roques

Meet TSG Managing Director, Aaron Roques

Welcome back to “Meet TSG,” a captivating series that introduces you to the remarkable individuals of TSG Wealth Management. In this episode, we have the privilege of getting to know Aaron Roques, a Managing Director at TSG’s Las Vegas office.

Join us as Aaron shares his fascinating journey, starting from his early days as a talented athlete drafted into professional baseball and eventually transitioning to becoming a financial advisor. Discover how his observations of wealth accumulation ignited a passion for helping others build long-term financial security.

Aaron dives deep into his motivation for being a financial advisor, emphasizing his commitment to making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. He discusses the profound impact that managing finances has on individuals’ overall well-being and how being an advisor goes beyond just managing money—it’s about being a trusted resource for clients’ questions and concerns.

Beyond his role at TSG, Aaron also reveals glimpses of his personal life and interests. From his beloved family, including his accomplished daughters, to his quirky and lovable border collie, Bruno, Aaron’s well-rounded personality shines through. He shares his love for adventure, from enjoying Sea-Doos and exploring the great outdoors on quads to indulging in his passion for music with his grand piano.

As you watch Aaron’s story unfold, you’ll gain valuable insights into the principles that guide his life and work. He emphasizes the importance of responsibility and doing the right thing, not just for oneself but for the people who care about you. Aaron believes in the power of making choices that may not always yield immediate gains but ultimately contribute to long-term success and happiness.

Get ready to be inspired as you witness Aaron Roques’ journey and the genuine dedication he brings to the TSG Wealth Management team. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the people behind TSG, a leading name in wealth management, as we introduce you to the remarkable individuals who make it all possible.

Stay tuned for more captivating episodes of “Meet TSG,” where we introduce you to the brilliant minds shaping the world of financial advisory services.