TSG is Proud To Announce the Sports and Entertainment Team

TSG Wealth Management Announces the Sports and Entertainment Team

TSG is Proud To Announce the Sports and Entertainment Team

Orange County, CA – TSG Wealth Management is proud to formally announce our latest division, The TSG Sports and Entertainment Team. As TSG has grown we’ve added relationship managers, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Chartered Financial Analyst® and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® designations, insurance specialists, and traders in an array of areas and specialties. Having a larger team has given us the ability to access specialists who have hands-on experience with different client challenges.

As specialists were brought onboard, the TSG Sports and Entertainment Team was formed to help the individualized needs in this area of financial advising. Our team is committed to meeting the distinctive needs of professional athletes, coaches, owners, actors, directors, writers, musicians, songwriters, producers and more who face a different set of challenges than many other people.

At TSG we don’t focus on simply one type of client. We have some clients with over $100 million, and we have some clients with considerably less. We are positioned to serve the individual needs of each of our clients, no matter how much money they have. Our plans are really client-specific, based on individual goals and objectives, not just total money in the bank.

“Sports and entertainment careers offer a diverse set of challenges due to the varying characteristics, revenue streams and career lengths,” said TSG Managing Partner, Mark Schulten. “At TSG we saw the need to help our clients in this area truly understand and prepare to meet these challenges head on. In order to provide the best set of individualized resources, we formed the TSG Sports and Entertainment Team.”

We believe that the often unpredictability of sports and entertainment careers requires a Financial Advisor who knows not only entertainment and athlete wealth management, but the varying sports and entertainment industries as well. Our Financial Advisors will work with you to help understand your complete financial picture and work to create a personalized financial strategy to tackle the challenges and subtleties of your career and investment plan.

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