TSG Welcomes Norma Andrade Casanova

TSG Welcomes Norma Andrade Casanova as Newest Managing Director

SACRAMENTO, CA – TSG Wealth Management is excited to welcome our newest Managing Director, Norma Andrade Casanova! Norma has spent over 21 years in the financial industry and specializes in asset management, estate planning strategies, and retirement planning, with families and corporate executives whose needs are often very specific and complex. She is passionate about helping people be in a position of choice in lifestyle by inviting them to take a seat at the investment planning table and encouraging them to collaborate with her in building, protecting, preserving, and transitioning their wealth based on their vision.

Norma and her family immigrated from Mexico to Stockton, CA with the hope of finding more opportunities and achieving a better life. Working initially as farm laborers, Norma and her family lived a paycheck-to-paycheck life. Though they saved diligently, an unexpected medical condition caused her family to suffer a financial setback. Norma became a Financial Advisor for two reasons: to share her gifts with others and to help families like hers create a lifestyle in which they can thrive.

Norma’s unique upbringing motivates her to help the Latino community take their seat at the investment planning table. She realized there was and is an unmet critical need in helping the fastest-growing segment of the US Population: Latinos. She thought, “If Latinos are the fastest-segment of the US population, and the US is the largest economy in the world, Latinos need an advocate to help them participate in the US wealth accumulation journey by transitioning from savers to investors.” Norma is confident that the move to TSG will help insure she can continue to deliver world class service and help her clients pursue their financial goals.

“I got into the financial industry to help families like mine have more financial freedom,” says Norma. “I am passionate about helping people be in a position of choice in lifestyle by inviting them to take a seat at the investment-planning table. I collaborate with my clients to help create a financial future based on their vision.”

For Norma, helping people achieve their financial goals is very motivating, but when she’s not working you might find her traveling, running, dancing and coaching those around her to reach their God given full potential. However, even though she loves to travel the world, she does say her “favorite traveling destination is my Sunday visits with my parents.”

All of us at TSG Wealth Management are excited to welcome Norma to the team and looking forward to supporting her efforts to provide the best financial guidance she can for her clients.

“Norma provides exceptional insights into a key demographic for TSG,” says TSG Managing Partner, Mark Schulten. “We’re always looking for innovators and people who can solve an unmet need. Bringing Norma and her clients into the TSG family will allow us to help even more people achieve their financial goals.”

As one of the largest teams in WFAFN, TSG Wealth Management is continually looking to add quality partners to our organization and we are very excited to add Norma to the team. Our leadership team is confident that her knowledge, background and experience will be an asset in our pursuit of building what we feel is one of the leading wealth management organizations in the country.

“Norma is another incredible addition to our TSG family,” said Partner, Allen Schreiber. “Her ability to connect with families and business owners coupled with her impressive immigrant story will help propel TSG to the next level.”

We are honored to have Norma join us and we look forward to future success for our clients moving forward. Visit the TSG Wealth Management homepage to learn more about our approach to wealth management or click here to dive deeper into our services.

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