Meet TSG Vice President, Tyler Chernack

Welcome to another episode of Meet TSG! In this installment, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Tyler Chernack, Vice President based in the TSG Wealth Management – Long Beach office. Tyler peels back the curtain to give you a behind the scenes look at TSG and his life. Sharing his passion for being a financial concierge and providing top-notch service to our valued clients.

As a financial advisor and Vice President, Tyler’s responsibilities include portfolio management, offering insights into the economy and macroeconomic trends, implementing creative tax strategies, investment styles, and innovative investment solutions. His primary goal is to expand our clients’ financial universe and help them achieve their financial goals.

He relays that what sets TSG Wealth Management apart is the collaborative environment and the diverse range of skills within the team. Tyler emphasizes the importance of different perspectives, which ultimately can lead to better outcomes for our clients. Stating, “at TSG, we strive to build strong relationships with our clients, treating them like close friends and family.”

Tyler’s journey into the financial field started with his bar mitzvah when he invested his gifted money wisely, delving into stocks and igniting a passion that has stayed with him ever since. Alongside his dedication to finance, Tyler cherishes his family, including his son Preston and his beloved Boston Terrier, Izzy.

Throughout the video, Tyler shares valuable financial insights, such as the quote “a retirement account is like a bar of soap, the more you touch it, the smaller it gets.” He also highlights one of TSG’s core investment philosophies, focusing on undervalued companies that historically pay dividends and increase them over time.

Looking to the future, Tyler envisions growth not only for himself but also for TSG Wealth Management. He aims to continue building trust with clients and expanding the business by providing exceptional service and earning referrals from satisfied clients who trust us with their financial well-being.

Join us to discover the expertise and passion that Tyler Chernack brings to TSG Wealth Management. For more information on Tyler please visit his biography page here.

The Meet TSG video series was created to celebrate the many wonderful people at TSG Wealth Management and the culture that our TSG team has created.  We want you to get to know everyone at TSG Wealth Management because it is our people that make all the difference. We hope that with each installment you will get a better understanding and appreciation for the people behind what makes TSG unique and special.

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